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Junior Zoo Keeper

Junior Zoo Keeper (June 2014)

If you think cleaning and feeding are the only tasks in a day’s work for a zoo keeper, think again! Step into the boots of our animal keepers at the Singapore Zoo and experience first-hand what goes on behind-the-scenes in looking after our wild friends. You may also get a chance to chat with our friendly keepers and find out more about what it takes to be an animal keeper.

Programme for the Day

8:45 am:

Registration and Uniform Distribution
The keeper uniform: something hardy and unafraid of grime.

You will get a keeper T-shirt, pants and boots, not just for the day, but for keeps.

9:15 am:

Programme Overview
Keepers’ work is not easy work. Education staff will brief you on all aspects of their responsibilities for the day.

9:30 am:

How Zoo Works
Cooperation is everything. Get a closer perspective on how different departments in the zoo work together to get the job done.

10:00 am:

Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre Overview
Darts and guns, vitamins and calcium supplements. The Interpretive Gallery brings light to visitors how our 4,000 animals are kept in the pink by our zookeepers and vets. Go behind-the-scenes of the world-class animal hospital and you may even get the chance to witness one of our vets in action.

10:30 am:

Workstation 1: Insects & Invertebrates @ Fragile Forest 
Invertebrate breeding is an ongoing task requiring daily precision and strong observation skills. Learn to separate pupating mealworms from mealworm larvae. Pause to wonder at a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Look for newly hatched caterpillars wriggling on the underside of a shiny green leaf. Change drinking water for our jumpy frogs. Not forgetting food preparation for your invertebrate charges. All these and more in a day’s work at Fragile Forest.


Tuck in and restore those energy levels. Adventure awaits you in the next half of the day.

1:00 pm:

Workstation 2: Domestic Animals @ Rainforest Kidzworld
This is the land of cute-and-cuddly animals but taking care of them is a serious matter. It’s time to roll up those sleeves and get down to work. Other than keeping enclosures spick-and-span, you will also find out how to keep a rabbit’s fur silky and the right amount of food to feed a hamster. Learn how to keep an eye on the animals’ health and how to watch out for tell-tale symptoms of illness. Highlight of the session: an opportunity to groom one of our Falabellas (miniature horses).


Enjoy a tete-a-tete with your colleagues for a day over a hot beverage and cookies.


Workstation 3: Animal Enrichment
Over and above just cleaning and feeding, keepers are responsible for animals’ overall physical and psychological well being. Besides proper husbandry, keepers have to observe animals’ behaviour and conduct their own research, before designing, implementing and documenting enrichment activities for their animals. Using your creativity and animal knowledge, try your hand at preparing an animal enrichment activity of your own. Consider how you will implement it, and how you will conduct observation and documentation of the animals’ behaviour during enrichment. The zoo’s very own Enrichment Officer will guide you along this exercise.


Time really flies! We have come to end of the day’s adventure. Did the goat gobble up all the leaves? Did the mealworms wiggle a lot when you were transferring them in separate boxes? You are certain to have had some very interesting encounters. It’s time to share your day’s experience.


Home Sweet Home




Target Age Group:

10 - 13 years old


Early June 2014 (Registration opens in May, on a first-come-first-served basis)


1 Day


To be announced

Number of Participants:

Maximum: 15 pax (Registration closes once we have 15 participants)

Points to Note:

  1. Programme pricing stated excludes 7% GST.
  2. Prices and programs are correct at point of communication and subject to change without prior notice.
  3. Programme is available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  4. Programmes are weather permitting. In the event of wet weather, the Education department reserves the right to replace the affected outdoor programme with an indoor programme deemed suitable according to the staff’s own discretion.
  5. Participants will be accompanied by Education officer throughout the programme.
  6. For further enquiries, please contact Ms Shaiah at 6360 8534 / shaiah.s@wrs.com.sg