Wildlife Squad
Wildlife Rescue Mission (recommended for children aged 7-12 years old)
"Hi there! I’m Ranger Ooz from the Wildlife Squad, and my job is to protect animals from danger. Today, I’m going to need YOUR help. There’s been a lot of poacher activities recently and we need to put a stop to it.

Poachers are people who kill endangered animals against the law for their body parts. As you might know, endangered animals will go extinct if we don’t save them. Can you imagine a world without wild tigers or elephants? It’s a terrible future, but we can change it together.

Join the Wildlife Squad as a Ranger and help us find the evidence we’ll need to convict these poachers! You’ll need to do some detective work, look out for clues and be alert. Are you up to the challenge?"
The Wildlife Squad Wants You!
"As a Ranger, you’ll have to print out the Wildlife Rescue Mission booklet and bring it to the Singapore Zoo. At the zoo, look out for signs with the Wildlife Squad logo to find clues and answer the questions in this booklet. The evidence you find will help us catch the poachers and put them in jail!"

Mission Accomplished!
"Returning from your mission? Click on the Wildlife Squad logo to enter the Wildlife Squad Headquarters and find out if we managed to arrest the poachers!"